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Film: Metropolis (Cert PG)

Tickets for Film: Metropolis (Cert PG) at The Stockport Plaza

Metropolis, this iconic silent film released in 1927, and set in 2026 is a visionary look at the future of the industrial revolution. Metropolis is a beautiful and cultured utopian city ruled by an elite class and run for them by the workers who work in a bleak underground world operating the machines that keep the city above ‘alive’.

The story revolves around Maria, the voice of the workers whose dream is to find someone to mediate between the two classes, and Freder the son of the Master of Metropolis who becomes enchanted by the beautiful Maria.

Freder’s father, aware of the influence Maria has over the workers orders the scientist Rotwang to create a robot in Maria’s image so he can manipulate the workers, however the robot Maria is evil and incites the supressed masses to revolt and destroy Metropolis…

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