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Film: His Girl Friday (Cert U)

Tickets for Film: His Girl Friday (Cert U) at Stockport Plaza

Absence Makes the Heart Grow….Jealous!

This Howard Hawks comedy is an absolute gem! Starring Cary Grant as Walter Burns, Editor of the Chicago Morning Post and Rosalind Russell as his assistant and ex wife Hildy Johnson, it is a film that moves with comedic speed so you’ll have to concentrate to keep up! Walter and Hildy used to be married but in the frantic world of newspapers events move very quickly, the headlines change daily and occasionally so does your life.

Hildy wants a life that is more than just the next scoop, she wants to settle down with a man who would always be there for her and along comes sensible Bruce (Ralph Bellamy) an insurance agent…perfect.

Walter however has his own ideas about this breaking news and sets about changing Hildys mind, but how can he do it and to what effect?

This acting is outstanding and the wit slicker than an oil spill making this a superb film played all the way for laughs.


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