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Film: The Wizard of Oz (Cert U)

Tickets for Film: The Wizard of Oz (Cert U) at The Stockport Plaza

80 years ago on Friday 26th January 1940 a film adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s treasured book series The Wizard of Oz was released as a feature film on silver screens in Cinemas across the United Kingdom, a film that would go on to touch each and every one of us with its cinematic beauty and excellence.

The Wizard of Oz which introduced us to the legendary Miss Judy Garland appearing on the giant silver screen where she truly belongs as Dorothy take us all to the incredible magical Land of Oz, a dream come true world of enchanted forests, a dancing scarecrow, loveable tin man and a singing lion all wrapped up in the magic of a fantastic journey over the rainbow, down the yellow brick road and eventually to the Emerald City.

Join us 80 years to the day of the original United Kingdom release to see this family classic on the giant silver screen for a once in a lifetime opportunity to see this feature film as it really should be seen.

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