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Gaden Ngari Tour 2017 - Sacred Monks' Activities

Tickets for Gaden Ngari Tour 2017 - Sacred Monks' Activities at Stockport Plaza

 This one and a half hour stage performance combines multiphonic chanting and music into an unforgettable experience. The pieces are drawn from authentic temple activities, performed for thousand of years in Tibet. The ancient rhythms and colorful intricate costumes delight audiences of all ages.
The monks are based in the Gaden Ngari Khangtsen Monastery, exiled in Mundgod, India. The purpose of the tour is to raise awareness of ancient Tibetan culture and traditions and engage with communities around the globe to promote world peace.
The monks use multiphonic chanting known as zokkay (complete chord). Each of the main chantmasters simultaneously intones three notes, thus each individually creating a complete chord. The Tibetans are the only culture on earth that cultivates this most extraordinary vocal ability.  
The first half of the performance is of a spiritual nature, which will offer the audience a chance to experience the ancient Buddhist chants and sacred rituals. All these rituals are deeply meaningful and symbolic. The second half of the performance is a Tibetan cultural performance.


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