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Tickets for The Matrix & The Animatrix (Cert 15)

Tickets for Tickets for The Matrix & The Animatrix (Cert 15) at Stockport Plaza

Upon is release in 1999, The Matrix series turned the world of blockbuster action filmmaking on its head. The films follow Neo (Keanu Reeves) who is plucked from obscurity by Morpheus (Lawrence Fishbourne) and Trinity (Carrie Ann-Moss) as they believe he is the key to ending a future enslavement of humans, by machines. With its monumentally ground-breaking use of special effects and a fresh, mind bending science fiction story that is still relevant today, The Matrix became one of the greatest action films of all-time and inspired the next generation of western action cinema.

Join RAD Screenings for a day celebrating The Matrix and its extended universe on the big screen. They'll be screening the first film for it's 20th anniversary, followed by a rare screening of the cult classic quasi-sequel The Animatrix which fleshes out the Matrix universe through a selection of imaginative animated short films created by some of the best minds in noughties animation. 

Cert 15
Price £10, conc £8 
Doors 12pm, Film at 12:30pm.


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