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Victor, Vi and the Volvo
Victor, Vi and the Volvo
  • VICT0622TOC
  • The Square Chapel, Halifax
  • Over 14 with Adult
  • When Victor drives into Vi's life in his dodgy Volvo, things change forever. And with the arrival of son Callum,
    there's never a dull moment! But things take a dark turn as teenager Sid's looming influence on Callum grows
    stronger. When things get tough, will Vic be there for his family?
    After the success of his play Scarbados Writer and Director by Sam Milnes returns with a brand-new one-act
    comedy drama.
    'Victor, Vi and the Volvo' explores the themes of family, growing up and peer pressure.
    Reserved Seating – Seats are selected at the time of booking and reserved for you at the event.

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