The York Waits: Ancient Music

The music of Advent, Christmas and winter revelry has deep roots in the medieval and Tudor periods. The six-strong York Waits - who have performed at Square Chapel since 1991 - explore these, playing instruments of the period such as shawms, sackbuts, rebec, bagpipes, recorders, harp and hurdy gurdy, alongside the singing of Deborah Catterall. Carols and songs that are still familiar are heard alongside fascinating musical rediscoveries from distant centuries.

Approx. Stage Times:
Doors: 11:30
First Set: 12:00 - 12:50
Second set: 13:10 - 14:00

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When & Where

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Red Brick
Be quick - Nearly gone
Saturday, 4 December 2021

More Info

  • YORK1221SQC
  • Doors open at 11:30am
  • Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax
  • Age Suitability: All
  • 2021-09-21 11:30:00Z