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Baby Fever

Tickets for Baby Fever at STUN Studio


If happiness can be bought, are milestones the new currency?

Buying a house, getting married and having a baby are all seen as measures of success in our society. That you’ve ‘made it’ in life. But in 2019, are these milestones still relevant?

Baby Fever explores the relationship between milestones and materialism. In a world of depleting resources, how do people feel about having children? Can they afford to? Do they even want to?

Created by Contact Young Company in collaboration with Theater Degasten, Baby Fever responds to SICK! Festival’s guiding principal for 2019… what is the value of a life?

Age Suitability 16+

Pay Between Scheme

We're committed to making SICK! Festival accessible for all, so this year's festival, we're operating a 'Pay Between Scheme (£5-15)'.

Book in advance and pay from £5 per ticket. Choosing a £15 ticket will support cheaper tickets for other audience members.

PLEASE NOTE: Tickets are now only available from the Contact's website


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