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Lauren Owen and Sally Green

Tickets for Lauren Owen and Sally Green at Central Library

An afternoon of dark, supernatural fiction with two scintillating new writers.

The Quick, the well-received first novel from Lauren Owen, travels from the tragedy shared by a young brother and sister on a Yorkshire estate to the rooms of London’s mysterious Aegolius Club, populated by the most powerful men in fin-de-siècle England. Hilary Mantel called the book "a sly and glittering addition to the literature of the macabre," adding "it’s hard to believe it is a first novel."

Sally Green’s Half Bad is the first volume of a new young adult series set in a modern England where witches and humans warily co-exist. A fast-paced supernatural thriller with more than a few narrative tricks up its sleeve, Kate Atkinson described it as "the new Hunger Games, I suspect… Brilliant and utterly compelling."

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