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MUMS Symphony Orchestra

Tickets for MUMS Symphony Orchestra at the Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall

Programme to include:

Rachmaninoff    The Isle of the Dead
Will Frampton    Special Commission
Tchaikovsky       Symphony No. 5

Böcklin’s 1884 painting ‘The Isle of the Dead’ inspired Rachmaninoff’s extraordinary work, featuring one of the most sinister openings in any orchestral repertoire.
Postgraduate composer, Will Frampton, explores a similarly dark sound-world, whilst Tchaikovsky's 5th symphony brightens the second half.

After the event is off sale online, tickets can be purchased directly from the Martin Harris Centre Box Office subject to availability. The Martin Harris Centre Box Office opening hours are 12.30pm - 2.30pm Monday to Friday and one hour before an event is due to start.
You can contact the Martin Harris Centre Box Office during opening hours, on 0161 275 8951 or boxoffice@manchester.ac.uk.

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