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Irwin Mitchell mjf originals - Esther Swift: Light Gatherer

Tickets for Irwin Mitchell mjf originals - Esther Swift: Light Gatherer at Salon Perdu

Esther Swift composer, harp, voice / Jeff Guntren tenor saxophone / Rich McVeigh trombone / Elfair Dyer, Rebecca Mills, Angelina Warburton harps / Jonathan Martindale violin / Lucy Nolan viola / Peggy Nolan cello / Richard Jones piano / Jim Molyneux accordion, percussion

For the 2018 Irwin Mitchell mjf originals commission, Scottish composer and harpist Esther Swift presents a suite of word-settings using the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy.
Carol Ann Duffy, originally Scottish-born and current poet laureate, has lived in Manchester for over 20 years. She writes honestly and sensitively about female oppression, gender discrimination and violence. Esther’s interest in her contribution to the arts, and especially the voice she gives to women, has inspired her to deconstruct the works, focusing more on their mood and rhythm of speech, and create new texts using the same themes that inform much of Carol Ann’s work.
The music is built around Esther’s regular harp quartet Clouds and calls on her contemporary classical, folk, jazz and poetry backgrounds, and features many of Manchester’s notable improvisers.


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