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glowe_, Mark Williams Trio & Ponyland
(Ticket Band C)

Tickets for glowe_, Mark Williams Trio & Ponyland at Salon Perdu


Lis Murphy voice, violin / Mali Hayes voice / Kate Moran, Simmy Singh violins / Kath Ord viola / Sarah Dale cello / John Ellis piano / Mark Lewis double bass / Myke Wilson drums

Hauntingly beautiful and uplifting, blending personal stories and an interest in music from across the globe via Manchester. Lis uses pop-song formats to convey the intense darkness and light arising from humanitarian subjects such as war, loss and love.

Mark Williams Trio

Mark Williams guitar / Paul Susans bass guitar / Russ Morgan drums

Influences from rock, metal and fusion, with added electronic effects, give this guitar trio from Newcastle an edgier and more modern sound, yet with melody and improvisation still at its core.


Jordie Cooke guitar / Frankie O'Keeffe voice / Faye MacCalman tenor saxophone / Matthew Forster tenor & baritone saxophone / Geoff Bartholomew trumpet / John Pope bass / Dave McKeague, Oscar Cassidy drums

Saddle up for a ride into a heady, energetic world of samba reggae, punk-jazz and Afro-beat via the steppes of Cumbria and Newcastle. Tackling loss of cultures, community and a changing society with good vibes, animalistic behaviour and raw energy.


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