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Emma Johnson's Gravy Boat, Paul Taylor and Manchester Jazz Collective
(Ticket Band B)

Tickets for Emma Johnson's Gravy Boat, Paul Taylor and Manchester Jazz Collective at Salon Perdu

Emma Johnson's Gravy Boat

Emma Johnson tenor saxophone / Calvin Travers guitar / Sam Quintana bass guitar / Alasdair Wells drums

Lyrical, contemporary swing with an emphasis on accessible melodies and a warmth of sound, played by young instrumentalists who met at Leeds College of Music and have since formed a strong and joyful bond, immediately apparent in their sound.

Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor piano

A solo recital from this Newcastle-based pianist, composer and improviser, whose trademark performances are rhapsodic journeys that lead listeners through twists and turns, complex harmonies and classical vignettes, with a restless capacity for invention.

Manchester Jazz Collective

Kyran Matthews, Jeff Guntren, Emily Burkhardt saxophones / Graham South, Nick Walters trumpets / Ellie Smith trombone / Rich McVeigh bass trombone / Andy Stamatakis-Brown piano / Paul Baxter double bass / Johnny Hunter drums

A collaboration of northern players creating large-scale compositions and defying stylistic categorisation, thanks to their varied palettes and democratic approach. Rich orchestrations rub shoulders with Middle-Eastern harmonies, afro-jazz and heavy metal.  


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