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Tickets for Gandey's Circus - KNUTSFORD – The Big Heath, Knutsford, WA16 0ND

Its’ the biggest and most spectacular yet!  GANDEY’S  - YOUR CIRCUS – returns to Knutsford with a brand new action-packed star-studded Big Top show for all the family - and no increase in ticket prices. 
Thrills a-plenty with three world-class aerial acts performing high above the audience with flying trapeze,  sensational  award winning high-wire walkers performing a human pyramid four-persons high and dramatic aerial cradle …acrobats balancing, tumbling and achieving the impossible… four high-speed motorbikes roaring around the inside of a  gigantic steel mesh globe… juggling like you’ve never seen before…..laughter as Europe’s leading female clown creates mayhem…and West End musical style lavish glittering production routines staged in the 1,500 seat fully heated Big Top equipped with theatre standard lighting and sound.
For the first time a host of the world’s leading circus performers from  Colombia, Cuba,  Kenya, France, Portugal, Uzbekistan  and the UK come together in one amazing production as GANDEY’S celebrates the 250th anniversary of the creation of circus – an English art-form that spread all over the globe.  Two and a half centuries later circus – the brain-child of Phillip Astley, a retired British Cavalryman from Stoke on Trent- circus continues to  influence every type of entertainment – from  Rock stars to ballet and from classic theatre to Hollywood movies..

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