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The Magic Flute
The Magic Flute

A noble quest to save the climate… 
Prince Taminohas fallen madly in love with thebeautifulPamina,daughter of the Queen of the Night. All appears well in the kingdom, but look closer and you’ll notice there's something strange afoot in this mythical world

Much to the confusion of bird-catcher Papageno, birds are disappearing. Animals are no longer coming out to hear Tamino's music. The magical world of flutes and dancing bells is changing, and it's up to Tamino to do something about it before it's too late! 

Join a cast of three professional opera singers and an accordionist on a new whistlestop adventure this summer, inspired by Mozart's popular work The Magic Flute. 


Suitable for all the family, this performance is sure to get everyone hooked on opera! 

Running time: 40mins


About The Holbeck 

The Holbeck is a community club that welcomes everyone, run by Slung Low.
Our address is The Holbeck, Jenkinson Lawn, Holbeck, LS11 9QX

This performance will take place in the car park.

This show is Pay What You Decide- you decide how much to pay after you have taken part.

The show has a limited capacity, so if you change your mind before the event, please let us know by emailing boxoffice@slunglow.org to ensure we don
t turn others away unnecessarily.

Please note that this event will be in accordance with the social distancing requirements.

There is a ramp to access the building. If you would like to discuss your access requirements, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 07305155698.

The street immediately around the club is permit-holders only but there’s permit-free parking on Holbeck Moor Road, which is the road that runs alongside the park just down the road.

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  • The Holbeck, Leeds
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