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The Hug
The Hug
  • THEH0222SQC
  • the Square Chapel, Halifax
  • 2-8 Years
  • 2021-11-28 10:30:00Z
  • The Hug
    Presented by Long Nose Puppets

    Long Nose Puppets are proud to announce their brand-new show.

    A tale of hope, empathy and acceptance.

    Based on the heart-warming and funny book 'The Hug' by Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar. Starring a Hedgehog and a Tortoise both in search of a restorative hug.

    They face many rejections along the way from a rather scary badger, a squirrel (who knows A LOT about nuts), a shy frog, a fabulous fox and an owl who really wants to be wise.

    Set to Tom Gray's beautiful and witty music, the audience is invited on a journey full of fun, laughter and love...and at the end, a very special hug from our puppets.

    Duration: 45 minutes, plus the chance to “meet the puppets” after and experience an actual HUG!

    Reserved Seating – Seats are selected at the time of booking and reserved for you at the event.

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