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The Holbeck Choir with Tessa Smith
The Holbeck Choir with Tessa Smith

The HolbeckChoir

with TessaSmith

Everyone iswelcome! Come down to the club: sing, meet new people, and share food. Thebrilliant Tessa will lead you through a selection of songs and teach you theindividual harmonies to beautifully blend as a choir. 

Where: TheHolbeck Car Park

When: Tues 22June & every Tuesday until 27 July

Time: 6:30pm –8:30pm

About SlungLow

All collegeevents are “pay what you decide” but there is a limited capacity. To registeryour place please click on the "Book Tickets" button on the right (no payment will be taken atthe time of booking).

Once you havebooked, Slung Low will follow up before the session to say hello, give you somemore details of what to expect on the day, and to answer any questions you mayhave.


About TheHolbeck

The Holbeck isa community club that welcomes everyone, run by Slung Low.

Our address isThe Holbeck, Jenkinson Lawn, Holbeck, LS11 9QX

This coursewill take place in the car park.

There is a rampto access the building, where the course will take place. If you would like todiscuss your access requirements, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 07305155698.

The streetimmediately around the club is permit-holders only but there’s permit-freeparking on Holbeck Moor Road, which is the road that runs alongside the parkjust down the road.

We look forwardto seeing you at The Holbeck soon.

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