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Sea Fever
Sea Fever
"It’s a combination unlike anything you’ve heard before."
  • SEAF0122TOC
  • The Old Courts, Wigan
  • Age Suitability: 14+ with Adult
  • 2021-12-06 19:00:00Z
  • A breath-taking new band fronted by Iwan Gronow (Haven, Johnny Marr) on vocals and guitars alongside singer Bethany Cassidy (Section 25), SEA FEVER fuses intelligent electronics with classic melodies and chiming guitars, underpinned by soaring, hypnotic strings.

    Formed in 2019, the band also features New Order’s Tom Chapman and Phil Cunningham - with Tom on bass, guitars, synths and programming, and Phil on guitars. Powering the band’s pulsing beats is Elliot Barlow, who is joined on the band’s debut by New Order drummer, Stephen Morris.

    As Iwan explains, coming together as a unit felt inevitable: “We’d wanted to work with each other for ages, so when we finally sat down in the studio, the band just seemed to come together naturally.”

    “It felt like we were really free to explore the kinds of music that have always inspired us,” says Tom, “we dug right through the record crates of our minds to shape the sound of SEA FEVER.”

    And what a sound it is. Upbeat pop makes waves alongside wistful descending minor chords and surf guitars. Teutonic rhythms kling and klang their way against echoing layers of melancholy and hope. It’s a combination unlike anything you’ve heard before.

    The result is a debut ten-track album that represents the sound of a band instinctively working together; effortlessly exciting and equally timeless. Including recent singles ‘De Facto’. ‘Crossed Wires’ and ‘Folding Lines’, the full-length also features ‘Under Duress’ and ‘Built To Last’.​

    After the wind and the flying white clouds, peace.

    Grey dawn breaks and a tall ship leaves the shore; and like a sweet dream from a quiet sleep, SEA FEVER sets sail…

    Join us in the Bailiff Bar between 6pm-7pm for an album signing with Sea Fever! Ticket holders receive 10% off vinyl & cd purchases.

    Doors 19:00
    Chris Hawkins 19:00
    Dirty Circus
    Sea Fever 21:30 - 22:30

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