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Rent Party
Rent Party
Being broke never looked so fierce!
  • RENT1021TOC
  • Tables of 4 discount: book 4 tickets for £6 each!
  • The Old Courts, Wigan
  • CW: Sharing experiences with racism, sexism and eating disorders. Age Guidance: 14+
  • Acclaimed choreographer and director Darren Pritchard (Mother of the House of Flava, House of Ghetto) would like to invite you to a Rent Party in Wigan. A 21st century Austerity Britain immersive show inspired by the 1920s Harlem Renaissance Rent Parties.

    Rent Party is a the long overdue party we all deserve. A night In which local artists share stories of marginalisation, invisibility, mental health and identity. Join our cast and shout and celebrate what it’s like to be working class, silenced and talented in Wigan.

    Alice Mae Fairhurst
    Shaun Fallows
    Sarah Hardman
    Jamie Lee
    Zha Olu

    Director: Darren Pritchard

    Assistant Director: Stuart Bowden

    Co-Created as a part of the Moving Roots Project

    This event layout is cabaret seating in tables of 4. Groups/attendees larger than or smaller than 4 are welcome, however, please be aware seating will be arranged on arrival.

    Tables of 4 discount: book 4 tickets for £6 each!

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