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Quatuor Danel Evening Concert - With Michel Lethiec (23rd March)
Quatuor Danel Evening Concert - With Michel Lethiec (23rd March)
  • CONC1221MHC
  • Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall
  • Thierry Muller       Clarinet Quintet (UK Premiere), with Michel Lethiec

    Kryštof Mařatka    Clarinet Quintet ‘Arboretum of Time’, with Michel Lethiec (UK Premiere).

    Brahms                String Quartet No. 2, in A minor, Op.51, No. 2                


    The Danels are joined by eminent French clarinettist Michel Lethiec in quintets by Thierry Muller, director of the Nice Conservatoire, and Czech composer and world-music enthusiast Kryštof Mařatka. Brahms was even more awed by the prospect writing string quartets than he was by symphonies, reportedly composing and destroying 20 of them before he was happy to release two for publication, in 1873. More lyrical than its C minor companion, the A minor ends with a spirited csárdás.

    ‘Amazing classical music concert. Quatuor Danel plays all of this music magnificently’ David Hurwirtz, Classics Today

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    **This concert replaces the cancelled performances on 16 and 17 December 2021. Please note that it takes place on a Wednesday**

    Any customers with tickets from 17 December, if you are able to attend on the 23 March, no further action is required. Your original ticket will still be valid and we will keep your booking for you. If however, you can’t make the new date or no longer wish to attend, please do let us know so we can release your seat. Where applicable, a full refund is available upon request. Please contact Quaytickets Box Office on 0333 320 2893 or for any other enquiries please email boxoffice@manchester.ac.uk.

    After the event is off sale online, tickets can be purchased directly from the Martin Harris Centre Box Office subject to availability. You can contact the Martin Harris Centre Box Office, on 0161 275 8951 or boxoffice@manchester.ac.uk

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