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Playground (Cert 15)
Playground (Cert 15)
  • PLAY0522SQC
  • The Square Chapel, Halifax
  • (Cert 15)
  • Playground
    Dir. Laura Wandel Belgium 2021 72 mins (15)
    Maya Vanderbeque, Gunter Duret
    French with English subtitles
    Laura Wandel’s debut has been highly praised, not least for the remarkable performance she draws from 7-
    year-old Maya Vanderbeque. On her first day of school, Nora is frightened, relying on older brother Abel to
    show her the ropes. But he is being tormented by school bully Antoine and doesn't want their dad to find out.
    'This is tender, sensitive, non-judgemental work, which doesn't put a foot wrong’ -

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