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Orchestra of Square Chapel – Summer Concert
Orchestra of Square Chapel – Summer Concert
Conducted by Robert Guy and featuring a talk by Beethoven expert Dr Barry Cooper
Note revised start time of 2:00pm

  • ORCH0622SQC
  • The Square Chapel, Halifax
  • Not suitable for young children
  • 2022-03-07 13:30:00Z
  • Robert Guy’s final performance with Orchestra of Square Chapel promises to be a treat for all music-lovers.

    First, a rare performance of Beethoven’s Tenth Symphony. Beethoven is of course remembered as the world’s greatest symphonist, and so any indication that he might have been working on another symphony has to be of great interest to all musicians. Beethoven’s sketch books and letters indicate that he was indeed working on another symphony before his death in 1827.

    Dr Barry Cooper is a world-renowned Beethoven expert. He will talk about how he used his detailed
    knowledge of Beethoven’s sketches, together with his insight into Beethoven’s compositional style, to
    convincingly reconstruct the first movement of what would have been Beethoven’s Tenth Symphony.

    The Orchestra’s performance of the Beethoven will be followed by that of Schubert’s “Great” C Major
    Symphony. This is a huge work which in many ways can be seen as a continuation of Beethoven’s symphonic tradition. But whereas Beethoven presents his music as strife, argument and victory, Schubert comes over as more gentle, creatively weaving new sounds but much more from a melodic standpoint.

    In the words of Robert Schumann: ‘At a rehearsal they played a symphony by Franz Schubert. If only you had been there. I cannot describe it to you; all the instruments are like so many human voices, it is full of ingenuity and what instrumentation… and the length, that heavenly length, like a novel in four volumes. I was utterly enraptured…’

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