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North Side Story - 0161 Studios
North Side Story - 0161 Studios
  • NORT0922QUA
  • The Quays Theatre, The Lowry, Salford
  • 2022-05-10 17:30:00Z
  • Title: North Side Story: 0161 Studios

    Credit: Directed by Cheeks Carr

     0161 Studios presents a phenomenal Hip Hop dance show. We are showcasing the very best choreographers and Hip Hop dancers from the North, who will be creating a piece on their favourite music artist. As well as our rawest dancers from the city, the children from 0161 Dance Company will be performing a Hip Hop version of West Side Story… NORTH SIDE STORY!

    Our dance studio is the leading Hip Hop studio in the UK dancing for Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora, X Factor, Aitch, Justin Bieber, British Champions 8 times. 

    CEO Cheeks Carr said: “It’s time to give hip hop dance the credit it deserves; North side story will be an example of the superb talent and professionalism from the elite choreographers in hip hop.”

    Get ready for an emotional ride and experience the amazing souls of Manchester. Guaranteed to have you on your feet singing and rapping to your favourite tunes. Hip Hop is a lifestyle, we can’t wait to show you how we live and breathe it!

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