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LYR / LNWR Merger Centenary Weekend
LYR / LNWR Merger Centenary Weekend
  • LNWR0622ELR
  • East Lancashire Railway
  • Climb aboard and ride all weekend long behind our fleet of sensational steam engines – including our L&Y locomotives and the newly restored Pug 19 and LNWR Coal Tank 1054. The fleet line-up is currently as follows – all locomotives subject to availability:

    LNWRCoal Tank – 1054 

    L&YPug – 19 

    L&YSaddletank – 752/51456

    L&YClass 27 – 52322

    Choose a one or two day rover and ride asoften as you like.

    Pug-19 will be performing shunting demonstrations in the Bury Transport Museum yard at various times:

    Saturday 18 June: 9am – 1pm and when not on timetabled trains

    Sunday 19 June: 11am onwards

    Please note online fares default to the standard prices , advanced
    discounts are only available up to 23:59 the day before the start of the event

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