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Kundle Cru - Blame Game
Kundle Cru - Blame Game
The international members of Kundle Cru share a love of urban dance and circus. 

Put them in a room together and something new and different emerges. By fusing breakdancing, juggling, Chinese pole, Krump and House dance they have created a textured and surprising movement language. In their new work, Blame Game, they combine this physically brilliant style with humour and music to explore group dynamics. Sometimes emotions build up and we let off steam to release the pressure.

But what happens when blame rears its ugly head? If our differences lead to alienation and our dynamics are poor, we are less effective together. In Blame Game, this company of innovators explores the dirty politics of scapegoating that stalks society.
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  • The Quays Theatre, The Lowry, Salford
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