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Josie Long
Josie Long
Three-time Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee and very-hard-to-pin-down-indie-underdog-nightmare Josie Long is back with a brand new show after a brief hiatus, during which she had a baby and so on.

How do you bring someone into a world that everyone keeps telling you is ending? This show is about the mind-bending intensity of new motherhood, but mostly about kindness, gentleness, and joy - all in all, the edgiest thing you will see this year. The aim is for you to come out of it feeling optimistic about the future, although that is a big ask. At the very least there will be some really silly voices in it, and that’s not nothing.


Please be aware that the Quays Theatre is at the far side of The Lowry’s building. After entering the main doors to the foyer, you should allow time to walk to the Quays Theatre before the show begins, especially if you have mobility difficulties. There are no stairs to negotiate, but there is a long sloping ramp, and wheelchairs are available to borrow if needed.
You can familiarise yourself with the building in advance using our virtual tour  https://thelowry.com/visit-us/access/
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  • The Quays Theatre, The Lowry, Salford
  • ★★★★★  The Skinny “Riotously hilarious...a uniquely optimistic hour of comedy”
    ★★★★  The Times “Brilliantly evocative, an original and unflagging spirit.”
    ★★★★  The Guardian ““Full of love and defiant joy”
    ★★★★  The Scotsman “Her excitability is as infectious as always...explicitly personal and positive...an hour of near constant laughs”

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