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Extended Play: Donuts
Extended Play: Donuts

Three friends are getting ready for a night out. The music is intoxicating, they start to
dance. It’s so good, they might stay a little longer…

Inspired by classic sitcoms of the 90s & 00s, DONUTS follows a group of friends as
their friendship evolves over time. DONUTS is a celebration of how music brings
people together, no matter what life throws at them. Bursting with precision and soul,
it is a hypnotic and playful ‘groove along’ to jazz and funk.

Drawing on his own relationship with music and its influence on his friendships
growing up, choreographer Jamaal Burkmar places music at the heart of his
creative process. DONUTS is the first, highly anticipated, full length dance piece
from the company behind JUKEBOX, the breakthrough Instagram series combining
popular music with their distinctive and dynamic style of dance.

  • DONU0222STU
  • The Lowry Theatre, Salford
  • Personal Basket