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Big Top in the Park: Squashbox Theatre – Stones and Bones
Big Top in the Park: Squashbox Theatre – Stones and Bones

Come on a journey to Ancient Cornwall...
A land of fiery volcanoes and strange prehistoric creatures...
A land of myth and legend, giants and druids...
A land of ancient stone circles and mysterious monuments...
A land of Stones and Bones...
Squashbox Theatre’s new show is a marvellous mix of history and mystery!
Find out all about archaeology and fossils, say hello to one of your stone-age ancestors,
hear stories of giants and wizards, see a volcano erupting before your very eyes, and maybe
even glimpse a dinosaur or two...

There will be thrills and spills galore, but also lots of laughs, plenty of puppets, songs,
slapstick, tall tales and crazy characters – all presented in that unique Squashbox style!

Stones And Bones is 50 mins long and suitable for children aged 5+.

“Slick, original and funny, Stones and Bones is a one man whirlwind tour of prehistoric
Cornwall, and is a must see for all Dinosaur lovers, young and old alike.”
Sophia Richards, guide2bristol.com

"Craig's success lies in the fact that he talks to, rather than at, his young audience, and he
does it all with a huge sense of joy and fun that is as inspiring as it is infectious. An engaging
entertainer to be treasured."
Frank Ruhrmund, The Cornishman

“Craig Johnson is totally at ease with his audience, adult and child alike, and combines an
innate understanding and delight in storytelling with fantastic comic and musical skill.
Mike Shepherd, Founder and Artistic Director, Kneehigh Theatre

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  • Prince’s Park in Irlam, Salford
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