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Best of BE at Home Festival 2021: SHAN SHUI
Best of BE at Home Festival 2021: SHAN SHUI

Shan Shui
by Edurne Rubio & María Jerez
(Spain/Belgium) 20 mins

With everyone spending more time at home, Shan Shui - the Chinese word for landscape and means mountain water, inventively brings a sense of the freedom and outside space by immersing you in sights and sounds found in nature. In this performance the artists use objects and props found around the home to paint a landscape without paintings from the emptiness of confinement.

Edurne Rubio and María Jerez are currently working on a theatre piece A Nublo which was scheduled to be performed at BE FESTIVAL this year. A Nublo is their first co-authored work, which combines the different sensitivities and interests of each, and proposing a common world.
Shan Shui is an online spin-off of this new work.

  • SHAN0221LGA
  • The Lowry Theatre, Salford (Online)
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