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Best of BE at Home Festival 2021: RECALL
Best of BE at Home Festival 2021: RECALL

by Francesc Serra Vila

Recall is an online performance that keeps artistic practices alive and connected with audiences during this time of physical distancing and confinement.

The project reflects on how the brain works and how memories are stored. In this one-to-one performance, each participant is invited to answer a simple question; their response triggers a performative action, which connects to other people’s responses.

The outcome will be a collection of scattered testimonies from across Europe of experiences during confinement. These series of memories will be collated and reflected on during this years’ BE FESTIVAL.

Commissioned by #BEatHome, Recall is an artistic response and testimony to the current time we are living in.   

Multidisciplinary artist, architect and scenographer, Francesc Serra Vila has a special interest in temporary and evolving structures. Since 2013 he has presented individual as well as collaborative immersive, site-specific installations and live performances.

Limited capacity

  • RECA0221LGA
  • The Lowry Theatre, Salford (Online)
  • Personal Basket