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Arica (PG)
Arica (PG)
  • ARIC0522SQC
  • Silver Screening
  • The Square Chapel, Halifax
  • ARICA (PG)

    Dir. Lars Edman and William Johansson Kalén. Sweden/Chile/Belgium/Norway/UK 2021. 1 hr 37 minutes. In
    English and Spanish and Swedish with English subtitles.
    Part personal journey, part courtroom drama, Arica is the story of a community fighting for justice. In the
    1980s Swedish mining company Boliden exported 20,000 tonnes of toxic waste to the Chilean desert town of
    Arica. Thousands of people became sick, many died from cancer. Arica plunges us into the ground-breaking
    corporate accountability trial which began after Lars Edman – born in Chile and raised in Boliden, Sweden,
    birthplace of the company – exposed the scandal.
    “The good fight is brilliantly told and the film sheds light on a shameful case
    of modern colonialism.”

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