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An Evening with Tony McCaroll
An Evening with Tony McCaroll
Tony McCarroll is an English drummer and one of the founder members of the English rock band Oasis.
McCarroll had met PaulMcGuigan while playing for the local football team at a young age. Together with McGuigan's friend Bonehead,they formed a band called TheRain and hired Chris Hutton as their singer, but he was sacked and replaced by LiamGallagher not so long after, whom McCarroll had also known through childhood. Liam decided to change the name to Oasis, inspired by a poster for the InspiralCarpets that was hanging in his room.
Soon after Liam's brother Noel joined.McCarroll has stated in his book that he was closely involved in the creation of several of Oasis's songs, including "Supersonic",despite Noel being given sole credit as songwriter.
Noel and McCarroll got on during childhood, but as Oasis gradually became famous, the relationship between the two faltered. Noel had repeatedly publicly slammed McCarroll's drumming ability, saying it was not good enough for a number one single.

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