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A Little Bit Sketchy
A Little Bit Sketchy

Join Paul, a Scouser living in Salford, as he faces his biggest fear, a Saturday night documentary about his life. Be prepared, as we are invited into an anxious world of turning thirty, living with your parents, and getting stuck in the endless maze of the job centre all in the form of sketch comedy, full of unique characters, situations and the accidental chaos that is Paul’s life.

Written by Paul Holliday. Semi-devised by the cast and ensemble. Directed by Alexi Papadopoulos. Photography by Robert Cattell. Artwork by Matt Fox. Produced by Paul Holliday & Iain Black. With special thanks to Bolton Open Space, Vic Cook, the Welcome Inn, Jamie Walsh (Oldham Coliseum) and Matt Fox.

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  • The Lowry Theatre, Salford
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