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Where would we be without numbers? We sometimes make the mistake of seeing ‘maths’ as a scary subject, even when we are very little. But, in reality, numbers are all around us. Three meals a day, one pair of shoes, one green bottle. Three blind mice, two turtle doves, one big bad wolf. Wherever you look and wherever you go there are always numbers to be found.
This exciting, visual, and physical performance uses a combination of music, play, and curiosity in order to explore the joy of numbers and their occurrence in everyday life.
'3-6-9' by Babble Lab sits somewhere between theatre, dance, and play. This is thanks, in part, to the vision of its director Mole Wetherell of Reckless Sleepers. In 2019 Reckless Sleepers created its first ever performance for children called 'It’s Hot, It’s Not' for the Unicorn Theatre in London. In March 2022 'It’s Hot, It’s Not' travels to The Lowry.
'3-6-9' is part of TaPP Fest LIVE, produced by the New Adelphi Theatre. This annual festival celebrates the work of second year Theatre and Technical theatre students from the University of Salford. 55 performers and technicians, under the guidance of 4 guest artists, have worked together to make live performances, presented at the New Adelphi Theatre, Media City UK's Digital Performance Lab and The Lowry.
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  • The Lowry Theatre, Salford
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