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Sleeping Beauty - Summer Pantomime

Tickets for Sleeping Beauty - Summer Pantomime at Bolton Albert Halls Theatre

Joseph Purdy Productions in association with The Albert Halls, Bolton presents the most spellbinding summer pantomime adventure of them all – Sleeping Beauty from the 26th July - 11th August 2019.

As the kingdom rejoices the birth of the new Princess Aurora, the evil Carabosse is in despair when she finds out that King David and Queenie Jeanie haven’t invited her to the christening. She places a curse upon the child that on her 18th birthday she’ll prick her finger and die. Upon Aurora’s 18th Birthday she does prick her finger but merely falls asleep. With the help of Fairy Fabulous and Chester the Jester, will Prince Charles be able to awaken Princess Aurora and break the curse with true loves kiss?

With a star studded cast to be announced and complete with glittering sets, sparkling costumes and a laugh a minute script.
Join us of the truly magical fairy-tale adventure you’ve all been dreaming of this summer at The Albert Halls.


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