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Santa Steam Specials
at The Avon Valley Railway

Ho-ho-ho! Come and see Santa on the Avon Valley Railway! Every child wants to see Father
Christmas at Christmas time, but busy shops with long queues full of children waiting up to a couple
of hours can quickly drain you of your Christmas cheer.

The Avon Valley Railway has a far more attractive and original idea. Every weekend from late November to Christmas Eve, Father Christmas will be on the steam train at the Avon Valley Railway. Accompanied by his helpers he will make his way along the train, stopping to talk to all the children and, providing they have been good, give them each a quality present. Parents are not neglected as everyone will also receive a delicious mince pie or festive biscuit.

The Santa Special experience takes approximately one hour, during which time, from the comfort of your reserved seats, all the family can enjoy the splendid views of the Avon Valley from the old fashioned carriages and experience the unique sights, sounds and smells of a bygone age when steam was king..

Please note : To send tickets Standard Mail there is a charge of £2 per order. This charge is to cover postage and banking costs as Avon Valley Railway is a registered charity.  We thank you for your understanding and continued support..

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