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Tickets for Illegalised at The Holbeck

Britain colonised 25% of the Earth’s land surface, subjugated 500 million people and justified the mass violence as a civilising mission. In the UK, migrants, refugees and those seeking asylum are scapegoated, detained without charge, interrogated, forced into destitution, deported without warning, suffocated, beaten and pushed to suicide by the British State’s anti-immigration and anti-asylum policies.
ILLEGALISED, from British-Romanian collective BÉZNĂ Theatre, is a journey through the Home Office’s  human rights abuses against ‘the other’ that exposes the profit made from the illegalisation of human beings.
ILLEGALISED, inspired and informed by interviews with migrants, refugees and those seeking asylum, is the first part of a protest cycle denouncing Britain’s dehumanising of people for power and profit from colonial times to today.
ILLEGALISED is protest-theatre calling for solidarity.
About The Holbeck
The Holbeck is a community club that welcomes everyone, run by Slung Low.
Our address is The Holbeck, Jenkinson Lawn, Holbeck, LS119QX

This show is “Pay What You Decide” - you decide how much to pay after you have taken part.

The show has a limited capacity, so if you change your mind before the event, please let us know by emailing boxoffice@slunglow.org  to ensure we don’t turn others away unnecessarily. 

Please note that the venue is cash only.

Please note that the event takes place up one set of stairs.There is a new stairlift on our main staircase.We have recently taken over the running of the venue and are currently raising funds for a lift to make the theatre fully accessible later this year. 

If you would like to discuss your access requirements, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 07704582137.
There’s a free car park at the club. The street immediately around the club is permit-holders only but there’s permit free parking on Holbeck Moor Road, which is the road that runs alongside the park just down the road.

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