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Robert Lepage - 887

Tickets for Robert Lepage - 887 at The Lowry

An Ex Machina Production.
Written, Designed, Directed and Performed by Robert Lepage.
English Translation by Louisa Blair.

We are thrilled to welcome an artist of such international standing to our stage on his world tour. Robert Lepage’s 887 will be a truly unique, unforgettable and uplifting experience and a rare chance to witness a true theatrical masterpiece.

887 is a journey into the realm of memory exploring Robert Lepage’s own childhood memories as he asks why we remember certain recollections above others? Why do we remember the phone number from our youth yet forget our current one? How does a childhood song withstand the test of time, permanently ingrained in our minds, while the name of a loved one escapes us? Why does meaningless information stick with us, but other more useful information falls away?

★★★★★ The Times
★★★★★ Time Out
★★★★ Independent
★★★★ Financial Times

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