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Film: Blow-Up (Cert 15)

Tickets for Film: Blow-Up (Cert 15) at Stockport Plaza

Bigger than Life presents: Blow-Up, a 35mm Engagement.

When a hip, egocentric fashion photographer (David Hemmings) discovers he might have unwittingly captured a murder whilst taking pictures of two strangers in the park, his obsessive investigations lead him stumbling into a web of intrigue and conspiracy that runs through a dark vision of swinging London.

A fascinating detour in the career of the revered Italian maestro, Michelangelo Antonioni, whose films helped change the face of European Cinema in the early 1960’s, Blow-Up is arguably the definitive portrait of the swinging 60’s capturing the hedonism and danger of a city in the midst of a cultural revolution encompassing sex, drugs, fashion and, of course rock’n’roll.


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