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The Little Mermaid

Tickets for The Little Mermaid at Lowry Quays Theatre

Through spectacular circus and spellbinding original folk songs, this much loved fable is reimagined for the whole family. In a brand new version, the award-winning Metta Theatre tells Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale with awe-inspiring acrobatics and hauntingly beautiful music.

She longs to rise above the surface to the human world on land. He is consumed by the lure of the sea. When a raging storm wrecks the Prince’s ship it seems all is lost, but the defiant Little Mermaid saves his life and falls head over tail in love with him. Desperate for the human legs she needs to find him, she sacrifices her voice to the Sea Witch in exchange. But life on land is not as she dreamed and her last hope is for the Prince to conquer his fears, return to the sea and reveal his true feelings. All before it is too late…

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