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Kneehigh’s UBU

Tickets for Kneehigh’s UBU at The Lowry

Conceived by Carl Grose, Charles Hazelwood & Mike Shephard
Created by the company
Based on the play by Alfred Jarry

We all know an Ubu.
Impossibly greedy, Unstoppably crude, and hell-bent on making this country great again.
Sound Familiar?

Kneehigh returns to it's roots, exploding Alfred Jarry's surreal, riot-inducing and weirdly prescient masterpiece.

Ubu, is a wildly entertaning rough-and-ready promenade musical that puts the audience firmly at it's heart. Part
play, part rock gig, part stand-up, part game show, part singalong mass karaoke, Ubu is a thrillingly unique theatrical
experience led by a skilled team of Kneehigh stalwarts at their anarchic best.

With a belting Kneehigh band playing a cracking catalogue of classic tunes, all that's missing is that magical ingredient - you!
Come together, howl in protest and sing in hope for a better future.

Kneehigh's UBU is a joy as an act of resistance. He'll rise! He'll reign! Only together will we make Ubu fall!

"A perfect blend of slapstick, pertinent politics and fist-in-the-air singalong. Rousing, riotous stuff!" Mark kermode

Please note: During this performance you will be up on your feet and free to wander, leave your phones on, go to the bar and sing as loud as you can with the rest of the audience.


Please be aware that the Quays Theatre is at the far side of The Lowry’s building. After entering the main doors to the foyer, you should allow time to walk to the Quays Theatre before the show begins, especially if you have mobility difficulties. There are no stairs to negotiate, but there is a long sloping ramp, and wheelchairs are available to borrow if needed.
You can familiarise yourself with the building in advance using our virtual tour  https://thelowry.com/visit-us/access/

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