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6 Miles From Home: The Story Of The Stockport Air Disaster

Tickets for 6 Miles From Home: The Story Of The Stockport Air Disaster at Stockport Plaza

At ten o’clock on the morning of Sunday June 4th 1967, a British Midland Airways airliner made its approach to Manchester’s Ringway Airport.  For the79 passengers on board this marked the end of their package holiday in Palma Majorca.  Nine minutes later, the aircraft lay destroyed in the town centre at Stockport in Cheshire.    This documentary examines the events of that day from a human perspective and recounts the actions of a handful of ordinary Stockport people.  On that Sunday morning these individuals found themselves in an extraordinary situation as they attempted to rescue passengers who were trapped in the wreckage.

Survivors and rescuers give emotional, compelling interviews and the film contains a wealth of original archive material, including the actual air traffic control recordings from that day.

Some of the passengers were killed on impact.  Many others were alive but trapped where the cabin floor and seats had crumpled and failed.  Within four minutes of the crash, an intense fire broke out, leaving those stranded on board to perish in the flames.  Despite the brave efforts of the rescuers, only eight passengers and two crew members survived.

This is above all a human story aimed at a broad audience. There is no ‘Air Crash Investigation’ type drama.  This fascinating story remains focussed on the people involved, their bravery and their efforts to come to terms with the trauma they suffered that day.  


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