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An Iliad


Tickets for Drift at The Lowry

Working In conjunction with the lowry, the DRIFT project (Test Card, Vam and Meraki Collective) will be commissioning a series of performance-based artworks, from local artists. The project was formed out of a need to provide opportunities and support for local creatives, looking to build a professional career within the arts. The type of work seen through DRIFT can range from cutting edge electronic music, generative digital art, improvised dance and spoken word. With grass root talent at the heart of the project, the creative team behind it bring with them years of experience working within Manchester's underground art scene. Test Card, predominantly supporting cutting-edge digital art, has host artists such as Robert Henke and The Light Surgeons. Meraki Collective's Focus is promoting interdisciplinary Collaboration across live music and Dance performance, with Vam exploring the boundaries of merging art and music within the club environment.

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