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The Listening Room

Tickets for The Listening Room at The Lowry

“There is a bit that’s gonna blow your mind. I’ll let you sit down and tell ya”

A stirring exploration of life, death and justice, The Listening Room features the true stories of five people whose lives have been transformed by a violent crime.

Years after trial and punishment, each one of them was given the chance to meet the person on the other side.
This is what happened when they said yes.

“You’ve gotta really think about… hang on a minute, what do I wanna say? Do I wanna tell em I wanna strangle you, what do I wanna say?”
"Delivers all the perfections great theatre aims for. A painful, shocking, vital, uplifting experience. Quite unforgettable.” The Spectator
★★★★★ “Elicits that most fragile but precious quality – hope” Breaking the Fourth Wall
★★★★★ “Compelling and raw. Art in its truest form” Colourful Radio
★★★★★  “Like a 3D virtual reality documentary”  East London Radio

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