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Dada Masilo - Giselle

Tickets for Dada Masilo - Giselle at The Lowry

South Africa's internationally renowned choreographer, Dada Masilo, presents her fearless re-imagining of the iconic classic, Giselle.
Opening in a lively South African village, Masilo's Giselle tells the story of a trusting peasant girl who is thrust into a world of betrayal and shame when her lover rejects her. Spurned by her family and killed by heartbreak, Giselle returns from the grave as a supernatural being, bent on revenge.
Performing in the title role, Masilo brings her stunning high-speed style to the stage, fusing ballet, contemporary and traditional Tswana dance. Powered by a hauntingly beautiful score by South African composer Philip Miller who combines classical strings with African percussion and voice, this is Giselle, but not as you know it. 

'Exhilarating. Bold, brazen, unapologetic and absolutely enrapturing.’ 
'A marvel of intelligence and dance craftsmanship. Stunningly conceived and executed.'

Ages 12+

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