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The award winning Organised Chaos Productions present

Old Ground

Tickets for Old Ground at The Kings Arms

Old Ground tells the story of two lovers who, against the backdrop of Manchester's swinging sixties, became the most notorious and despised serial-killers in British criminal history. Crimes so depraved and macabre, their extents would remain unspoken, and untouched, for another two decades.

From their separate prison cells in the 1980s, rumours of even more atrocities begin to surface. The psychopath seeks to exact revenge on his ex-lover, while she - claiming to be a changed and innocent woman - simply wants her freedom... and at any cost.

But will the truth ever prevail in this very public battle of two abominable evils?

To assist with specific technical requirements during this production, ticket holders are kindly requested to wear black or very dark colours for each performance
Suitable for audiences aged 16+
Contains some challenging dialogue


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