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Mother Courage by Bertolt Brecht

Tickets for Mother Courage by Bertolt Brecht at the Royal Exchange Theatre

A sharp new version of Brecht's universally celebrated classic by Anna Jordan, which sees the return of Julie Hesmondhalgh in the iconic title role
“Now spring awakes, and winter dies
The dead stay dead, the living rise
‘Cos if your breath and pulse ain’t gone
 You stagger up and carry on.”
War rages over decades, but it’s business as usual for Mother Courage. She roams the grid from one army camp to another, her ragtag offspring in tow. Boots, beer, drugs, guns – anything a soldier desires can be bought off the back of MC’s cart.
She’s determined to turn conflict into capital. But what will it cost her?
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A Royal Exchange Theatre and Headlong co-production
By Bertolt Brecht
In a new translation by Anna Jordan
Directed by Amy Hodge


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