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Ocean Film Festival World Tour - Cert 12A

Tickets for Ocean Film Festival World Tour - Cert 12A at Stockport Plaza

Calling all ocean lovers! The Ocean Film Festival World Tour is back for autumn 2019 with a brand-new selection of the world’s most captivating ocean films!
Brought to you by the team behind the Banff Film Festival UK & Ireland Tour, this carefully curated collection of short films features sublime footage from both above and below the water’s surface, showcasing the spellbinding power and beauty of our oceans.
Celebrate the divers, surfers, swimmers and oceanographers who live for the sea’s salt spray, who chase the crests of waves and who marvel at the mysteries of the big blue. Be awed by mesmerising marine life and spectacular cinematography from unexplored depths of our planet – via the big screen!
Visit www.oceanfilmfestival.co.uk for more.

Image: by Travis Burke, Freediver Chelsea Yamasee
Age Guidance: 12A


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