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Sensory Circus

Tickets for Sensory Circus at The Lowry

FEEL Theatre are a company that specialise in creating performances for and with young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), and Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD).
Sensory Circus is a show for children and young people with ASD and PMLD (age guidance 5+). Sensory Circus is a wonderful, visual journey, following the story of an alien called Neo who, while reading the morning paper, decides to go on a trip to Planet Circus… It is a specialised glow circus performance aiming to help to develop visual perception, concentration, visual tracking and focus. It is a new, different and fun form of theatre where the audience can get involved too.
The show consists of a 30 minute UV, LED circus and puppetry performance with fantastic music, followed by a 30 minute sensory play exploration where the audience can interact with some sensory glow toys and circus equipment. These toys include vibrating fibre optics, UV juggling scarves, tactile light up balls, a giant starry parachute plus more. We also provide non-toxic glow sticks for our audience members to have throughout the performance and keep to take home.
There is music played throughout, with additional sound effects. We offer the option to wear a pair of our ear defenders throughout the show if loud music/sounds may be a negative trigger.
The performance will have very low lighting throughout but there will never a total blackout. The space has been referred to as a giant sensory room on many occasions by audiences! There is no strobe lighting or fast flashing lights in this show. The performance is relaxed and you are able to leave if needed.

Due to the nature of the performance we can only accommodate one carer per person.

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