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Comfort Zones

Tickets for Comfort Zones at The Lowry

Audiovisual poem for digital dreamers. Spatial symbiosis of photons floating on the waves in neurochemical synaptic dance. Familiar shapes morph into statues of biological time where warm drones spread in canyons veins. Artists liberate ideas through stream of organic afterimages and moody vibrations. Visual artist Bartłomiej Szlachcic and musician Paweł Galecki together under new moniker Comfort Zones, explore mysterious landscapes of internal sensations. Its a marriage between honest expression and care for the receivers.
Project premiered at Splice Festival in London in 2018, and same year was also presented at Patchlab Festival in Kraków. Collaboration between artists continue to grow.

Run Time: 45minutes


Please be aware that the Quays Theatre is at the far side of The Lowry’s building. After entering the main doors to the foyer, you should allow time to walk to the Quays Theatre before the show begins, especially if you have mobility difficulties. There are no stairs to negotiate, but there is a long sloping ramp, and wheelchairs are available to borrow if needed.
You can familiarise yourself with the building in advance using our virtual tour  https://thelowry.com/visit-us/access/

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